Disinfection Commercial

Rex Environment is now offering disinfection treatments to the commercial workspace. This treatment uses materials that are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for effective elimination of viruses and as an effective treatment method against the current corona virus (COVID-19) and bacterial infections. Our expert selection of broad-spectrum disinfectant is designed to disinfect inanimate environmental surfaces such as floors, walls, structures, ventilation, and other equipment. We sanitize your commercial space by delivering a disinfection solution via misting service.

Commercial Disinfection Service in Ahmedabad

How does Disinfection Work?

The disinfection application is scattered in fine micron particles that seem to hang in the air as they slowly settle onto all surfaces. This results in the surfaces becoming humid for a short period after the treatment. This period is when the disinfectant takes action and the surface must be left to dry. We suggest office owners must quit their office for 2 hours following after completion of the application, dependent on the ventilation of the office which allows the product to settle. We recommend treatment take place weekly to decrease the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Disinfection Treatment Steps

  • Eliminate any materials that could be damaged by moisture like paperwork and artwork
  • Food items and medications must be removed from the disinfection area
  • Utensils should be placed away in cupboards or drawers
  • All electrical equipment should be covered with plastic
  • Lights must be shut off
  • All smoke detectors must be deactivated
  • If your site has fish tanks, please ask us for additional guidance on these