About Us

Find the right sanitization service provider near you at the most affordable price - this is what made us incubate. Whether you are looking for a commercial or residential, the journey of finding the right sanitization service provider is never so easy. Our decades of experience as being service provider have made us learned a lot about this industry. When it comes to sanitizing, it's highly personal and has to be affordable to be able to cater to the masses. On-demand side, you would find everyone having their own unique set of space requirements, and on the other side of supply; they have their work preferences and skills. The way the sanitization and disinfectant industry has evolved; to be able to establish safety and most importantly, to sustain is never an easy task for any service provider except giving quality. Like any business, technology has to play its role and the whole idea of Rex is to transform the way the sanitization or disinfectant industry works.

Many organizations debate about providing excellence in customer service, professionalism, superior service and many more principles. At Rex Environment Science, we prefer to live and work by the driving principles of our company and let the results shine through! We often hear from our customers that Rex experience embodies excellence in customer satisfaction, like no other sanitization service provider. We take that as a proud moment because we are willing to back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Private Sanitization Companies in Ahmedabad

Our goal is to deliver custom-tailored sanitization services in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner. It is not exactly a novel business proposition in many industries, but surprisingly, a unique business model in this current scenario of corona virus. We’re passionate about what we do. But you probably already figured that out. We hope that you’ll allow us to help you with your safety challenges.